40K Resources and Links

Main 40k related web sites:

Games Workshop
Forge World
The Black Library
What's New Today YouTube Channel
Warhammer 30K Wiki
Dakka Dakka
Bell of Lost Souls

The Newb's recommended Podcasts:

***** I Highly recommend
*** I Recommend
* Recommend but with restrictions or limitations

***** The Independent Characters Podcast
***** Deep Strike Radio
***** Preferred Enemies
***** Turn 8 Podcast
*** Interesting Tactics
*** The 11th Company Podcast
*** Imperial Vox Podcast
*** The Eternal Warriors
* Screaming Heretic Podcast
* Life After the Cover Save Podcast

40K Forums for Alabama Players:

CAGE - Central Alabama Gaming Enthusiasts
Rocket City Gamers (formerly HAWGS)
Steel City Crucible

A Newb's recommended forums:

Dakka Dakka Forums
40K Nation Forums
The Independent Characters Forums
Heresy Online

A Newb's recommended web sites and other blogs:

Stahly's Tale of Painters
3++ is the new black
The Blood Angels: by Jawaballs
Delusions of Grandeur
Going On Campaign
The Codex Project
Miniature Wargame Conversions
Cool Mini Or Not
Irregular Magazine
Awesome Paint Job
Tau Online
Senji Studios
Sabol Studios
The Brush and Bolter

A Newb's recommended YouTube channels:

Brush and Bolter
Blue Table Painting
Awesome Paint Job

A Newb's recommended Tactica and other Articles:

Dark Eldar Tactica
Henchmen in the 5th edition Grey Knight codex
Minature Painting Forum of Something Awful

Third Party Bits and Supplies for 40K:

Custom Minis
Tabletop Game Terrain
Chapter House Studios
Bitz Barn